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Leadership Development with Academy Leadership

ELM Consulting is now affiliated with Academy Leadership of King of Prussia, PA.  Academy Leadership uses the unique Lead2Succeed™ process that has its genesis in the leadership development programs utilized by the Naval Academy at Annapolis and the Military Academy at West Point.  www.academyleadership.com
This affiliation broadens the leadership services of ELM Consulting to include:

  • An intensive three-day Leadership Boot Camp
  • Gettysburg Leadership Experience
  • CEUs and Villanova University
  • PDUs from the Project Management Institute

ELM Consulting focuses on leadership for engineers and other technical professionals because as technical professionals progress through their organizations, they are faced with the non-technical roles of manager and leader.   These roles are rarely well documented and most organizations do not have the infrastructure to provide the necessary leadership mentoring or training.  While most managers are technically competent, they often lack the ability to motivate and direct others to achieve organizational goals.  This lack of leadership skills prevents an organization from achieving optimal results.  An effective leadership development program closes this gap by teaching leaders at all levels and from all backgrounds how to practice appropriate leader behavior and train others to do the same.

ELM combines our technical experience with the Lead2Succeed™ process to deliver specific leadership training for technical organizations. 

Our Leadership development programs take many forms.  The following formats are in order of duration:

In-house Leadership Development is the optimal method for insuring your staff receives the specific leadership training necessary for your organization.  This format is based upon an adult learning model that includes classroom sessions, self-study, and spaced repetition.  Ideally, this is conducted once every two weeks for 2+ hours per session with assignments to be completed between sessions.  Other scheduling options are effective, but less so.

Leadership Boot Camp is a more intensive program, over three days, that includes much of the same curriculum as the In-house  program, above, but without the spaced repetition and the simultaneous learning experiences.  An “in-house” boot camp can be tailored to the needs of your organization, while a “public” boot camp will be a general curriculum designed to meet the needs of multiple industries.  Public boot camps are held around the country and are especially suitable for organizations that seek consistent leadership training, geographically convenient to all of their staff but do not have the staff numbers necessary to have an in-house program.

Leadership Experiences or “staff rides” are three-day programs on the site of significant battles.  The critical decisions made in these situations illustrate many of the leadership and management principles that are important in today’s business world.  By understanding the historical context, and knowing the result, we see the effectiveness of good communication, alignment of actions with goals, accountability, and training.  Since these are off-site and over two nights they are an excellent opportunity for team building activities.

One day “know your self” Leader Training is the most basic development program.   It focuses on the fact that we each need to understand our individual leadership philosophy and values before we can lead others properly.  This one-day session starts with some advance work on the part of the participants:

  • Complete a web-based leadership profile
  • Read a short leadership book
  • Draft a leadership philosophy

One day Leader’s Tool Kit Training builds upon the “know yourself” training and provides three important tools for a leader:

  • Motivating others
  • Managing conflict
  • Coaching others to better performance

One day Team Building Program focuses on the key working environment for most organizations: teams.  High performing teams require diverse perspectives, good communication, and well-managed conflicts, to achieve their goals.  This day long program will include:

  • A web-based leadership profile for each team member
  • Communication session
  • Managing conflict session

Executive Coaching is especially important in young organizations that do not have multiple generations of leaders or for those that came from organizations without a strong leadership ethic.  Working one-to-one, leaders are coached and/or mentored through readings, counseling, and practice.   The result will be a more confident leader, equipped for the challenges of leading in today’s business climate.

It is important to note that every organization develops leaders, whether they realize it or not.  Organizations with a leadership development program are choosing to develop strong leaders and are ensuring their future success.  Organizations without a leadership development program are leaving to chance the development of future leaders of their organization, leaving them with the leaders they have, and not the leaders they need.


What kind of leaders is your organization producing?